925 Sterling Silver CZ Stud Earrings - 9mm AAAA+


Size: 9mm

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This is a collections of lab created cubic zirconia stud earrings.  The CZ are round brilliant cut with AAAA+ quality. Each stone is hand selected.  The stones diameter range from 3mm to 12mm, i.e. 6mm is about 1 carat, and 7mm is about 1.25 carat.  The stone is set in a very strong 4 prong setting.  The setting (post and back) is made of solid sterling silver.  This setting is the best for CZs and Diamonds.  It doesn't break as easy.  The earring doesn't tarnish or rust like the silver plated CZ earrings offered in the market.

Material: Solid 925 Sterling Silver. Finished with Platinum overlay and AAAA+ CZ.

CZ Shiny Again Cleaning Instructions:  CZ stones gets dull by dust particles, perfume, body lotion,  body oil, dead skin cells.   Fortunately they can be easily cleaned with soap and water.  Use a soft brush to brush the front and back of each stone with warm soap water. Rinse off with room temperature water and dry with soft cloths.  Please make sure you brush and clean the back.  The stones will be shiny like new if it is thoroughly cleaned.  

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