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Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Hawaiian Plumeria Flowers Cluster Ring: A Blossom of Elegance

Embrace the essence of the Hawaiian Islands with our exquisite handmade sterling silver Plumeria Flowers Cluster Ring. This beautiful piece is more than just jewelry; it's a celebration of nature, elegance, and the cherished memories of island vacations.

Key Features:

Materials: Solid 0.925 Sterling Silver - Nickel Free
Crafted from premium sterling silver, this ring ensures authenticity and durability. The nickel-free composition makes it suitable for continuous wear without causing skin irritation.
Floral Cluster Design: 6mm - 8mm - 6mm Flowers (~1/4" -1/3" - 1/4" Flower Diameter)

A captivating arrangement of Plumeria flowers in varying sizes, each meticulously detailed, graces the face of the ring. The cluster design radiates elegance and timeless beauty.

Stones: Clear Cubic Zirconia
Each Plumeria flower is delicately adorned with a small clear cubic zirconia, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to the overall design.

Band Width: 4mm to 2mm (at the Bottom)
The thoughtfully tapered band ensures comfort and a secure fit, allowing for easy wear on any finger, from pinky to pointer.

Plating Options: Choose Your Favorite Finish
Elevate your style with the choice of 18K yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold finish. The IP plating process ensures a vibrant and lasting color that complements the radiant silver.
Traveler's Love: A Reminder of Island Vacations

Inspired by the allure of Plumerias, travelers to Hawaii immediately fall in love with these flowers and their representation in jewelry. This ring serves as a cherished reminder of the great memories from island vacations.

Artisan Craftsmanship: Made with Aloha
Crafted with aloha, each ring undergoes a meticulous casting and finishing process. The delicate sandblasting contrasts beautifully with the high-polished edges of the Plumeria petals, creating a masterpiece of fine jewelry.
Care Tips for Longevity: Maintain the Beauty

To preserve the gold plating, minimize exposure to moisture, excessive sweating, and chemicals from daily activities. When not in use, store the ring in a zipped plastic bag to protect it from natural tarnishing.

Versatile Occasion: Everyday Elegance or Special Moments
This ring transcends occasions, serving as an everyday statement piece or a symbol of love as an Aloha wedding or promise ring for a lady.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Hawaii with our Handmade Sterling Silver Hawaiian Plumeria Flowers Cluster Ring – a delicate bloom that captures the spirit of the islands and the elegance of nature.

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