925 Sterling Silver Whale Tail Ring With Genuine Larimar Inlay. Orca Whale Tail Ring For Pinky, Index, Thumb, Ring Finger. Sea Life Jewelry.


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Aloha and a warm welcome to Ohana Hawaiian Jewelry!

Dive into the enchanting world of the ocean with our exquisitely handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver Whale Tail Ring, featuring a real blue larimar inlay. This captivating piece is a tribute to the majestic Orca whales that gracefully frolic in the warm waters of Maui during their mating season and nurturing of their offspring, before embarking on their remarkable journey back to Alaska. Perfect for sea animal and whale enthusiasts, this ring beautifully captures the essence of these incredible creatures, specifically designed in the form of a fluke ring.

Key Features:

Crafted from solid 0.925 sterling silver, this ring guarantees durability and is tarnish-free, ensuring a lasting shine reminiscent of the ocean's brilliance.

Face Width:
The whale tail design boasts a 13mm face width, approximately 1/2", reflecting the graceful and intricate details inspired by the Orca whales.

Featuring a genuine larimar, the blue hues evoke the serene waters, making this ring a unique and meaningful accessory for sea lovers.

With a slim 2mm band, this ring is both strong and stackable, allowing you to create your personalized combination with other rings.

Versatility in Wear:
Designed for boys, girls, and women, this versatile piece can be worn on any finger, from a small pinky to a sizable thumb. The small to medium size of the whale tail (13mm) adds a subtle yet impactful touch to your style.

Reminiscent of Orca whales, killer whales, and humpback whales, this fluke ring is a heartfelt nod to these magnificent creatures, making it a perfect accessory for sea enthusiasts and whale lovers alike.

Stackable Appeal:
The 2mm band is not only sturdy but also designed for easy stacking, allowing you to mix and match with other rings for a personalized and stylish look.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean with our Whale Tail Ring—an elegant and meaningful piece that captures the spirit of these incredible sea animals. Whether worn as a standalone statement or part of a ring stack, let this piece be a reminder of the wonders beneath the waves.

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