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This is a hand made, hand painted stainless steel black enameled Hawaiian ocean, tidal waves spinner ring for both men and women, boys and girls. This can be a pinky ring, wedding ring, engagement ring, middle finger ring, index/pointer finger ring, or thumb ring.

Material: Solid 316L stainless steel. Nickel free. Tarnish free. Hypoallergenic.
Band Width: 8mm or about 1/3" wide
Band Thickness: 2.5mm
Band type: Comfort Fit
Finish: High Polish hand filled black enamel.

This design features double crashing, tidal, surfer's waves. It also represents two inseparable people, eternal friendship & relationship.

This ring is hand made using high quality stainless steel band that is comfort fit (round and smooth inside, more comfortable to wear than flat bands). We use special edging technique to carve out the
double wave pattern and hand painted the band with black enamel.

This ring doesn't tarnish or turn fingers green. It is safe to wear everyday, all the time, and in the water. It's a good choice for those with highly acidic skin, since stainless steel doesn't rust by skin acid and sodium.

This ring is a surfer's favorite ring as it reminds the surfing waves that crash on the shores of Hawaii, California or Florida.

It can serve as a stress relieving, anti-anxiety, anti-pressure, anti-nervousness, distraction ring with styles and with Aloha.

Makes a nice gift for someone you love.

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